pair - couple

'a pair of'
A pair of things are two things of the same size and shape that are used together, such as shoes.

...a pair of new gloves.

He bought a pair of hiking boots.

When you use a pair of like this, you can use either a singular or a plural form of a verb with it.

It is likely that a new pair of shoes brings more happiness to a child than a new car brings to a grown man.

He put on a pair of brown shoes which were waiting there for him.

You also use a pair of when you are referring to something which has two main parts of the same size and shape, such as trousers, glasses, or scissors.

She put on a pair of glasses.

There would be a razor in the bathroom or a pair of scissors.

When you use a pair of like this, you use a singular form of a verb with it.

On a hook behind the door was an old pair of grey trousers.

A large pair of tongs sends voltage through metal cups.

'a couple of'
A couple of people or things are two people or things.

They've been helped by a couple of newspaper reporters.

We'd had a couple of dances.

You use a plural form of a verb with a couple of.

There were a couple of tables littered with saucepans.

On the hallstand were a couple of periodicals.

Note that you do not use a couple of in formal writing.
referring to two people as a 'pair'
Two people who do something together or are involved in a relationship together can be referred to as a pair. This is a slightly humorous use.

They'd always been a devoted pair.

They were a somewhat sinister pair.

When pair is used like this, you use a plural form of a verb with it.

The pair were wanted for the theft of certain jewellery.

referring to two people as a 'couple'
You refer to two people as a couple when they have an intimate relationship such as that of husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend.

In Venice we met a South African couple.

This would raise pensions for married couples considerably.

You usually use a plural form of a verb with couple.

Behind me a couple were pushing a pram.


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